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Pedag - Bambini Children's Foot Support

Pedag - Bambini Children's Foot Support
Pedag - Bambini Children's Foot Support
Brand: Pedag International
Product Code: p/bambini
Price: £14.99

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The children’s foot support promotes the healthy development of your child’s feet.

The first steps we take in our lives might be the hardest, but they are also the most exiting for everyone. When our children start walking longer distances, it is important to give their little feet strong hold and grip in their shoes.

The children’s foot support pedag BAMBINI stabilises delicate children’s feet and supports them - not only when taking their first steps. Foot supports contribute to a healthy development and growth of feet, that’s why they are especially useful for children. Our flexible insole made of cowhide has especially been designed with the purpose of supporting the healthy growth of your child’s feet.

The longitudinal arch support of pedag BAMBINI keeps the foot permanently in a naturally balanced position and prevents children from twisting their ankle. It also helps to prevent the creation of splayfeet.

At the same time, pedag made sure that the BAMBINI foot support is flexible and adapts to the individual shape of the feet. That allows the muscles of the feet to strengthen. The surface is made of natural, breathable and absorbing fine leather that keeps children’s feet dry.

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